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Online training


As its name indicates, the “Guided Online Training” course is an online training method guided by an instructor who will lead a training course broadcasted through the Internet. The service is built on the existing portable training set, which is made available via the Internet through the TeamViewer 11 software.

The TeamViewer 11 software has two modes of login, namely the remote control and meeting modes. The Guided Online Training uses both. The remote control mode is used to operate an ECDIS backup station, while the meeting mode is used to follow the instructor teaching from his main ECDIS workstation. The equipment and methods for login vary. Below are some examples that might be helpful.

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Individual login:

Even though TeamViewer 11 allows both remote control and meeting login on the same screen, my recommendation is to use two different screens or computers for individual login. The computer for the meeting login needs to be equipped with a web camera, a headset with loudspeakers, a microphone, and a mouse and keyboard. All computers will need a broadband Internet connection as well.


Small group login.

Small groups, for example those in conference rooms, can share their computer for a meeting login. In this case, the computer used for the meeting login should be connected to a wide screen or projector and a loudspeaker. This computer can be shared by all participants. Many conference rooms are also equipped with tools for phone conferences, and these tools can be used in case of poor VoIP sound quality.

Large group login.

The TeamViewer 11 software can technically support large groups like classrooms, as well. Up to 25 participants can be connected at the same time. However, this kind of group will require more planning and preparation from both sides. Large group online training services will be offered only under special conditions.

 The post “Guided Online Training” in the “Home” menu contains more information about the technical setup. http://palmarm.no/2016/03/guided-online-ecdis-training/


Short training sessions with following breaks are a very useful learning method in online training. It is especially beneficial if the session contains a clear topic and the instructor follows the lesson plan by explaining the theory, showing the action’s function on his ECDIS, and finally allowing the student to complete a hands-on exercise via a remote unit.

Each of these sessions is based on examples taken from practical navigation. This means that you not only will learn how each button works, but also how you may use the equipment in practical navigation onboard. In the bottom of the page, you will find list of sessions that can be performed in one longer course or separately as individual selected topics.

Guided Online Training Sessions for ChartWorld eGlobe G2 ECDIS.doc.

Guided Online Training sessions for MARIS and Consilium software applications