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Mobile Training

One of my training concepts and market niches is mobile training and certification. I go where my customers are. I meet them where it’s convenient for them to have their courses—not the other way around. Such method allow fast and easy preparation of all courses. All I need is a room with furnitures, power sockets, projector or monitor and WiFi.

Portable training set for ChartWorld, Consilium and former MARIS ECDIS 900, now Navico E900 ECDIS

I have developed a special, portable training set to hold training courses on ECDIS almost anywhere, at any time. Just as important as convenience is the emphasis on high-quality training. To that end:

• Each student will have his own training computer available at all times during the session. On his unit, he can test and repeat what has been shown on the projector or wide screen. The learning effect of hands-on training is known to be very high compared to simple passive viewing, listening or reading.
• The training philosophy is based on direct communication between teacher and student.
• The training set is connected and set up like an on board system. This means that you will easily see the difference between the different units and understand the communication between them.
• The playback of real recordings from ships makes the visualization of any simulation very realistic. This also means that nearly all functions in ECDIS are available for the student.
• Students will perform a number of realistic practical exercises. For the “Train the Trainer” course, the last day is for exercises.
• Q & A: The instructor is grounded in both maritime electronics and navigation. He has also been working in the shipping market of the maritime electronic business for years, so he is well qualified to answer any question within this field.

This type of training makes participation easier for all busy shipping people, as it can be held in their offices. It also provides the freedom to temporarily stop the course if urgent events make it necessary. Special arrangements, such as long lunch breaks, can be arranged if urgent emails or similar need to be followed up.
I offer three types of ECDIS courses: One- and two-day operator courses, and a three-day instructor course called Train the Trainer. All include certification. You will find course specifications below. A list of references is provided under Customers. In About, you will find a number of reports from courses held.
If you find any of these services interesting, you may leave a message in Contacts on this site or just give me a call.

One day operator type specific ECDIS training (pdf)

Two days operator type spesific ECDIS training (pdf)

Three days instructor type specific ECDIS training (pdf)