e-navigation, ECDIS, training and consultancy


Besides working with different training alternatives I also offer consultancy services. Such tasks do normally have a link to my background as a general manager, product manager, sales manager, sales engineer, service manager, and technician in maritime electronics, or from my experience as a deck officer on SOLAS ships.


In addition I offer the following services:

  • Technical advice for rebuilding and modification of existing ECDIS installation.
  • Optimization study for the ship’s electronic navigation products.
  • Advice to company and vessel for a safe transition from paper to electronic chart navigation.
  • Business development, product management, and technical support in type approval process.
  • Poll, surveys, investigations, market analysis, and recommendations to companies in the ship electronic business.


Previous consultant assignments:

  • Maritime Information Systems AS. Investigations in the Norwegian ECDIS market.
  • Maritime Information Systems AS. Type approval of ECDIS900 version 4.7
  • ChartWorld International Ltd. Introduction of products to the Scandinavian market


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