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Rethinking ECDIS: Training of Your Shore Personnel

How can your superintendents maintain control of the effectiveness of ECDIS and it´s Chart Management system on-board without knowing how it works? This is one of the key reasons of training courses for shore-office personnel.


Another important reason to train your shore-office personnel is to gain information required to rethink your ECDIS solution in relation to the forthcoming 2017 regulations. It’s also essential to understand how the ECDIS really should work when you consider paperless navigation and how this will change the working method on bridge.


Today, I can offer type-specific ECDIS and Chart Management courses for shore personnel at both operator and instructor levels. These courses are offered either as mobile or as guided online courses for ChartWorld, NAVICOs SIMRAD MARIS E900, and Consilium ECDIS models.  I have received the most positive feedback from my Train the Trainer three-day course, held at the owner’s office locations, where much of the time is spent on detailed explanations, practical operations, and discussions regarding ECDIS and navigation topics. Please find attached a link to my post for one of my courses for shore personnel.



Learn more about ECDIS and the paperless navigation working methods !


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