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Rethinking ECDIS: New fixed rate and leasing services, inspired by the cellphone market, will change the economical conditions for use of ECDIS onboard fundamentally.

The key issue here is off cause that the provider is able to offer charts (ENC), digital publications, ECDIS systems, update and maintenance into one flat fee package. Only under such conditions you are able to have one flat rate leasing cost with all variable in one bill.


Very few makers are able to do so. A company like ChartWorld offers a package with dual eGlobe G2 ECDIS with digital chart and publication data including updates, maintenance including lifetime warranty.


Such sales policy is only possible when you have a user-friendly product with high stability. Such product has to be developed from the top to the bottom with this in mind. My recommendation to you all is to have a look at the ChartWorld eGlobe G2 ECDIS and their data products.


Products like this may avoid surprising service bills, over order of expensive ENCs, future upgrade or replacement cost due to new mandatory requirements. Products and methods used are very much similar as in the cellphone market.


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