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The 2017 mandatory ECDIS regulations give you an opportunity to rethink your paperless ECDIS equip!

Many already installed electronic chart display and information systems (ECDIS) trace their product technology back to the early 1990s. Typically, ECDIS have been installed as part of bridge packages for ships as they are being built or retrofitted with equipment whose installation might have become mandatory. However, a great deal of water has flowed into the sea since the 1990s and a wide range of changes has affected computer hardware, OS systems, and ECDIS applications.


September 2017 is the deadline for beginning to use the new mandatory performance standard for ECDIS (IEC 61174 e.4). Accordingly, old certificates for your ECDIS that do not comply with IEC 61174 e4 will no longer be valid.


ECDIS manufacturers have prepared for the transition to the new regulations by developing new approval and certification processes. For one, approval will be necessary for specific hardware, including the computer, monitor, keyboard, interfaces, OS operational software, and software applications. As a result, the cost of modifying your ECDIS will depend on which models you already have onboard. The older your system and the poorer its update status, the more expensive the required changes will be. At a certain point, the best solution will be to replace the entire ECDIS installation.


For many, the logical conclusion is to rethink their ECDIS equip. To conduct a thorough investigation of how your company can accommodate the new regulations, Colombia Ship Management has made an evaluation that you can read about at http://www.marinemec.com/news/view,columbia-evaluates-ecdis-upgrades_43682.htm.


Essential to selecting an upgrade strategy or a new provider are of course the system’s future capabilities for upgrade, maintenance, and support.


A company as ChartWorld now offers a new ECDIS product that comes with guaranteed free-of-charge updates related to any future changes made to your ECDIS. You can order a new dual ECDIS with a lifetime warranty, digital chart and publications, and maintenance services all in one package at a fixed monthly, quarterly, or annual cost. Altogether, a straightforward, predictable fixed rate for future expenses.

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