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Guided Online ECDIS training.

Today e-learning is a widespread method used for studies. A wide range of universities and schools, offer courses using e-learning with success. As I get much of my inspiration from methods they use, I am interested in products for performing guided online courses broadcasted to dedicated receivers on the Internet.

In end of 2015 I started an investigation to find out whether I could do online versions of my ECDIS courses or not. I was looking for a solution where my customers could ….
– have live guided courses on internet
– Include use of the existing portable training set
– have several remote controlled ECDIS to do «hands on training» on
– do playback of recordings on mobile units like Pad, cell phones for repeating lessons

You will find much of the reasons of these requirements in the way the portable training set works. The portable training set does not only give students an opportunity to work on the ECDIS, but also….
– to see how the different ECDIS units in a network works (main and backup units)
– to see and test various number of data sources
– to see and work in a unit which has simulated sensors data inputs
– to be able to do realistic practical exercises on a dedicated ECDIS

After some time I found a solution which can be used. This is the TeamViewer software. Many of you will say that this is an application you already know. The difference between my courses vs other online lectures, is that my students will have an ECDIS to work on during the session.

The TeamViewer software can operate in two different modes, meeting and remote control modes. You may login in meeting mode where you can listen, watch and see the instructor and his desktop, and another login in remote control where you have an ECDIS to work on. The picture below tells you how it works …

Skjermbilde 2016-03-12 kl. 12.55.58


Picture: Technical layout Guided Online ECDIS Training.


Using such technical solution the instructor can first perform a theoretic explanation using presentations etc., next he can show a practical example on his ECDIS and finally the student itself can get an opportunity to test and try out the subject on his remote controlled ECDIS.
A TeamViewer 11 Corporate license for 25 users will be purchased for use on my «Guided Online ECDIS Courses». The service will give my customers one large benefit; a cost reduction due to removal of expenses for traveling and waiting days, tickets, hotel and daily allowance.
The services will be gradually implemented. Seen from my point of view there should be possible for doing both type specific operator and train the trainer instructor courses. Additional, it should also be possible to do separate one-hour sessions for anyone who is interested in the product ECDIS.

For the future it seems to be possible to perform courses for individuals (single persons), small groups (conference room) and larger groups in classroom locations.











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