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The first course for ChartWorld eGlobe G2 ECDIS.

The ChartWorld eGlobe G2 ECDIS is a new and rapidly growing ECDIS product. The concept of this product is what they call “ECDIS as a service”.

ChartWorld invited me to hold training courses on their eGlobe G2 ECDIS for both instructors and regular CW_Logo_Volumenoperators. My first train the trainer course was held on ChartWorld premises in Hamburg at the beginning
of September. One of their distributers and two of their own new employees joined the course.

A brand new mobile training set is organized. This mobile training suitcase contains up to three student laptops preloaded with all necessary ECDIS software. Unique for the eGlobe G2 ECDIS training is the use of touch screen functionality in addition to the traditional mouse and keyboard operation.

The training computers are linked together in a network similar to what you can find on a ship installation. The software simulators feed sensor data to the system and allow training on nearly all ECDIS functions. Special attention is given to how the system functions, including its product structure, synchronization between units, and the difference in functionality between them. The ChartWorld Chart browser, an ENC Electronic Nautical Chart, and publication purchase and management system application will be implemented in the next course.

The eGlobe G2 ECDIS is a new and interesting product, and I look forward to do training for them.

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