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ECDIS training also for shore personnel?

ECDIS training is very much focused on the certification of deck officers. What is often overlooked is that on-shore personnel, especially those who are working with safety, have an equivalent need for training and information on this new product. In order to develop bridge procedures and company policy in the operation of ECDIS, on-shore personnel need a detailed knowledge of how the product works.

This was clear when Finnbeta ordered a combined train the trainer and information course for Consilium ECDIS. Finnbeta owns a fleet of chemical vessels, where the head office is located in the beautiful north Italian town of Savona.

As many other managers, who have started the process of implementing ECDIS, they also have two separate needs for training: to train their own instructors to offer specific courses in ECDIS for deck officers, and to educate their staff on the new product to be implemented on-board.

As they requested, I held a three-day train the trainer course with a special focus on answering the questions raised during the course. The following representatives of Finnbeta attended the course:

  • Company DPA
  • Company Technical Manager
  • Company Safety Superintendent
  • Company Technical Superintendents
  • IT Coordinator

These courses offer a wide-ranging dialog about navigation, safety, and required product features, making them very interesting events for everyone involved.

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